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Everyone's Journey is Different

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Everyone's Journey is Different

What you might not know about the path into Medicine
Everyone's Journey is Different

My path into medicine wasn't what I had planned. Like most, I thought A-levels then into a standard 5 year course at univeristy and Bobs your uncle - I'm a doctor! The universe however had other ideas. I started my medical degree in a foundation year at university, and at the time I had no idea how this would benefit me and quite frankly it made me feel different. I had such a set idea in my head of how it was supposed to go that I hadn't really considered that there may be other options. 

When I started first year and met a tonne of new people this became even more apparent. The range of people and their backgrounds before medical school was immense. Some came straight from 6th form or college, others had come as a graduate from another degree or even another Career! Some had been rejected from medical school multiple times before they got their chance. This variety doesn't stop once on the course, there are societies, projects, exams, volunteering; a whole host of ways to make your mark and things that make your journey unique to you.

What I'm trying to say is, if its what you really want there are a whole host ways to get there. At times it will be challenging, frustrating and there may be the odd spanner in the works, but despite all of this it is an absolute privellege and I'm so excited for where my jounery will take me next! 

I hope you enjoyed this first blog post! Over and out :) 

Written by: Hannah Brown Studying Medicine in United Kingdom on 21/08/2022

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