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Why be a medical school application mentor?

Apply for Medicine is a free platform connecting experienced tutors or mentors directly with prospective applicants for medical school.

Why be an ambassador, when you can mentor?

If you are currently a medical student we would like to hear from you. We can upskill and empower you to mentor and enhance your profile to prospective medical school candidates from around the world.

As you will see below, there are a number of advantages to mentoring. However, as a medical student mentoring can also serve as a great boost to your reflective portfolio as evidence of mentoring/teaching experience to help give you a competitive edge when applying for medical speciality training places in the future.

What’s more, since we are not a tutoring agency, mentors are self-employed consultants and receive all of the fees they choose to charge - so a great way to boost your income at the same time!

Key advantages of being a university mentor:

Develop leadership & coaching skills

Develop leadership & coaching skills

Enhance your communication and networking skills

Enhance your communication and networking skills

Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas

Gain new perspectives and fresh ideas


Improve your future job prospects

Mentoring programs have become mainstream, about 70% of Fortune 500 companies have one.

For this reason, we believe actively involving yourself in mentoring whilst at university will not only make a great talking point at interviews, but also enhance your job application to get you that interview in the first place.

We can provide a full demo, answer common questions, showcase all features and benefits that would be a right fit for you while studying. To unlock these features, please register your interest here with your university email, and a member of AfU team will be in touch in 24 hours.

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