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Widening Access to Medical School

We strongly believe in widening access to applicants for medical school from all walks of life.

We understand that not every potential applicant for medical school will have the resources or equipment to benefit from 1-on-1 tutoring. This disparity is amplified even further under the COVID19, where remote support is considered to be the norm.

We also acknowledge that the percentage of medical students and practising doctors are from private, selective grammar schools and this is not reflected in the population of patients they will eventually care for.

We strive to level this playing field for all aspiring applicants to medical schools, whatever their background.

To help reinforce our belief, 100% of our mentors and tutors on this platform are in support of Widening Participation and providing access to medical school to deserving applicants from all walks of life.

100% of our mentors and tutors are willing to commit some of their time each month at no cost to help support this disadvantaged group of aspiring medical students.

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