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Medical universities in Europe are accredited and internationally recognized, always strivingto give you the knowledge and experience. Another advantage is that all universities have similar outlines of the curriculum and the set-up of the degree, making sure that their students don’t lack in any aspect. The first years are usually the preclinical years, covering the basic knowledge and concepts before students are ready to move on to the clinics. Once in the clinics,students enter the hospitals, where they are taught by practicing doctors and are giving practical training too. All universities focus heavily on practical teaching. Some universities will even provide you with resources to learn the local language to make your interaction with patients easier! And while you are studying for your degree, you live in the country andexperience it in a way no holiday can ever match. You get to experience a different culture, itspeople and their language and their food. You also get to create international contacts and whoknows; maybe they’ll come in handy for you in your future. Living and studying in another country only adds to your life experience. You learn to grow independent, while handling living and studying.

Medical University Sofia

The Medical University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland

Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Charles University in Prague

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