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Is Medicine the Right Course For You?

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Is Medicine the Right Course For You?

A short blog which explores if medicine is the right choice for you, as a student.
Is Medicine the Right Course For You?

I often find that when I meet potential medical students, they always ask, "how did you know you wanted to do medicine?" I often reflect on this, now I am in my third year of medical school at Aston. I wanted to do medicine because I truly believed I could make a difference. As a keen academic with a fascination for anatomy, it made sense to combine my caring nature with my interests. I wanted to study something that encompassed my desire to help people and advance my knowledge as much as possible. It was all I wanted to do, and I couldn't see myself in any other career path. For many people, I find that sometimes you are intrinsically drawn into studying medicine, you want to make a difference. If you are a student and considering medicine, it's worth asking yourself the following questions: 

Is it what I want to do? 

Am I happy to commit to this? 

Is my heart in this?

It is important to know that becoming a doctor is a long process, especially the 5 years at university. Following graduation there are years of training that follow, it requires serious dedication. It's also an ever-advancing profession, as medicine doesn't just stay still. It continually changes and evolves, and you, must develop with it. If you are tempted by the money or because you feel you 'should' go into medicine, then I suggest you reassess your motives. Medicine is not easy, it is challenging but if you want it, then you most certainly can pursue it. I believe in you, but most importantly you need to believe in yourself. 

Written by: Amelia Brien Studying Medicine in United Kingdom on 24/08/2022

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