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Studying medicine in Imperial College London

                                Imperial College London

Studying medicine in Imperial College London

My experiences studying medicine in Imperial
Studying medicine in Imperial College London

Hi! I'm Yoon Soo, a current third-year medical student at Imperial College London. I'm from South Korea and I moved to London in 2019 to start studying medicine at Imperial after my A-levels.

Imperial was my first choice university and I have enjoyed every single year so far! Each year in medicine is different so I had the opportunity to gain many different experiences throughout the years.

What I always tell students I tutor who are studying for the medical entrance exams (UCAT, BMAT) is to persevere and work hard because medicine really is worth it!! The application process is long and definitely stressful - but if you're passionate about studying medicine, it will for sure be worth it! I love helping students with their application process and seeing them succeed in the end. It is truly a tough process to get through on your own so reach out for any support you need and there will be people happy to help!! :)

Written by: Yoon Soo Park Studying Medicine in United Kingdom on 11/09/2022

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