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Widening Participation in Medicine

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Widening Participation in Medicine

A blog about the ever increasing inclusion of widening participation students into medicine.
Widening Participation in Medicine

As a widening participation student, I am eager to support the ever-expanding growth of widening participation students into medicine. No student should be at a disadvantage; however, we must acknowledge that we all have different circumstances and situations that enable some applicants to have better chances than others. It is important that medical schools should include students from all backgrounds, as we will be treating patients from all walks of life. 

I have the privilege of studying in the incredibly diverse Aston Medical School, this is important to me as it reflects our modern NHS. I am extremely proud to be the first member of my family to study medicine, however for some students this may be a barrier for them. Not having any medical professional family members who have gone through the process can be very daunting, whereas students who come from families who have experience, could be more supported. 

It's a positive step in the right direction for medical schools to be supporting potential applicants with schemes and offering contextual offers, as it makes medicine so much more accessible. I personally felt that medicine may have been out of my reach, due to my circumstances, but actually I have been incredibly lucky to find a university that have supported me through my journey. 

You should not be limited in your goals because of your circumstances, because you're a care leaver or come from a deprived area. According to the BMA, all medical schools have to offer some form of an outreach scheme for aspiring medics. 

Written by: Amelia Brien Studying Medicine in United Kingdom on 24/08/2022

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