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National University of Ireland (NUI)

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Study Medicine at National University of Ireland (NUI)

The medical programme at NUI is a five/six-year course that aims to shape students into professional and intelligent doctors with highly developed skills in communication, teamwork, compassion and safe, ethical medical practice.

The medical education provided at NUI takes on a systems-based approach to teaching within their modern, integrated curriculum. Early on, students are taught the fundamental biomedical science underlying medicine and learn about the body in health, mechanismsof disease as well as the treatments for such clinical conditions. In the latter years of the course, students develop advanced clinical skills and massively expand their clinical knowledge and experience. clinical placements during the course take place at hospitals such as Mayo University Hospital, Letterkenny University Hospital, Portiuncula Hospital or Sligo University Hospital, in addition to a range of GPs and primaryhealthcare environments.

NUI offer a special study programme to allow students to explore their fascinations and interests within the medical field. A chance to participate in a summer research programme alongside a senior researcher is also given to students – this providesan opportunity to develop research skills and to get a taste of what a career in medical/clinical research is like. In the final year of the programme, students prepare for their future role as a doctor througha transitioning programme and a junior internship to allow them to start becoming familiar with their specific roles and responsibilities.

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