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RSCI is Ireland’s largest medical school that offers a five/six-year programme thatoffers early exposure to the clinical environment with a chance to develop basicclinical skills from the very beginning.

In the first year of the course, students learn the principles of biomedical scienceunderlying medicine and about the body’s structure and function in a state of health.Teaching is delivered through lectures, tutorials, practicals, clinical skills trainingand some patient interaction opportunities. This includes learning anatomy from surgeonsand other healthcare professional through cadaveric dissection.

In the second year, the focus shifts to studying the body in pathological and diseasedstates. During this time students also begin to develop clinical skills throughworkshops, case-based learning activities and small-group tutorials.

In the third year students will also have clinical placements in medicine, surgery andorthopaedics at various hospitals as well as undertake a Student Selected Componentproject and a research placement.

In the final two years, students massively expand their clinical knowledge throughextensive placements in different medical and surgical specialties. In this timestudents also hone the clinical, professional and communication skills that aregraduallydeveloped throughout the course.

RCSI also offer students opportunities to develop research skills and explore medicinein the wider world through research electives, the RCSI Research Summer School, clinicalelectives and sub-internships.

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Hi aspiring medics!

I am Chang, a second-year medical student at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland.RCSIwas founded in 1784 and is home to Ireland's largest medical school and one of themostinternational medical schools in the world. Being a medical school with a longhistory,ensures that you get the best education and strong professional connections from theRCSI alumni family. Located in the heart of Dublin’s historic city centre, you canenjoygreat convenience in your daily commute to campus and experience a city-campusstudentlife. RCSI emphasises greatly on early patient contact thereby giving you clinicalexperience from your very first week of school. If you are a student who prefers acitycampus lifestyle, enjoys having hands on experience throughout your medicalprogrammeand wants world class education, RCSI is the place to be!

大家好!我是 Royal College of Surgeons Ireland 的二年级医学生,你若有任何对于 RCSI 的疑问,欢迎透过这平台发问。

-by Chang, studying medicine in Ireland, at Royal College of Surgeons inDublin


Hello everyone,

I am Shwe from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). I am a final year medical studentofthe 5-year undergraduate program at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland).Growingup in one of the third world countries, I did not have a similar educationbackground orsocial environment that most of my peers had. Studying medicine abroad for me wasnotvery straightforward. Cliché to say that I have had cultural shocks and challenges,faced communication/ language barriers, etc. But at the end of the day, everythingyouare encountering every day, whether good or bad, is a life experience for you tolearn.Great appreciation to be surrounded by a well diverse community of mature, kind,supportive and professional friends and colleagues at RCSI, which has helped meshapeinto a better individual!

အကြံ ဉာဏ် များ တောင်း လိုပါ က ဆက်သွယ် နိုင်ပါတယ် :) နောင်တ ကို နောင် မှ မရအောင်အကောင်ဆုံးရလဒ်အတွက် ကြိုးစားရမယ်!

-by Shwe current medical student at RCSI, Dublin

My name is Ananya and I am from Hyderabad, India. I am currently a 4th year medicalstudent at RCSI, and over the last many years, Dublin has become my second home.Beingat RCSI as an international student has been an incredibly enriching experience sofar.With its location in the heart of Dublin city, I have experienced the warmth,friendliness, and beauty of Irish culture, alongside studying what I am mostpassionateabout. RCSI also has an extremely diverse student body, which has allowed me toexperience cultures from all corners of the world in one place.

We are taught by some of the most incredible minds in medicine all of whom harbour alove for teaching! We are also prepared for our careers from day one with earlypatientcontact. RCSI heavily advocates for a good work-life balance and therefore bringswithit a vibrant student life. The environment created by the students and faculty isonethat is extremely helpful and encourages both, personal and professional growth andistherefore a fantastic place to start your career in medicine!

यदि आपके कोई प्रश्न हैं, तो मुझे आपसे बात करके खुशी होगी!

-by Ananya, currently studying medicine in Ireland at theRCSI


Hey, my name is Kanyinsolami and I am a 3rd year medical student from Lagos,Nigeria. I possess a curiosity trait as well as a great passion Science and theArts, both of which I have been privileged to participate in heavily while at RCSI.Medicine has been a journey for me and I have been learning every step of the way.RCSI played a big role in encouraging my many interests and supporting my transitioninto university. They have numerous facilities to help you decide on the best stepsto take.

With it being a medical school, the niche of students, all of who are studyinghealthcare allows for a conducive environment to learn from and connect with peersas well as learn from professionals employed at the school. This is helpful infinding your role in all of this and the direction you want your career to go.

Gaining clinical knowledge and interpersonal skills has not been the easiest but Iam grateful for how far I have come and the support I have received along the way.Over the years I found my voice and I haven’t looked back since. RCSI is a greatstarting point for the future ahead.

-by Kanyinsolami, medical student at the RCSI, Dublin

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