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University College Cork (UCC)

Medical School in Ireland

Study Medicine at The University College Cork (UCC)

UCC offers a five-year integrated medical course that provides its students withengaging small-group teaching as well as early clinical exposure as part oftheir unique medical programme.

Each year offers both core modules and elective modules that explore biomedicaland clinical sciences, psycho-social sciences, public health, ethics, law andmore. The integration of these different types of modules allows students todevelop an all-encompassingunderstanding of Medicine and clinical practice and allows them to shape intointelligent and compassionate doctors.

Students are taught basic clinical skills early on, such as communication,examination and history-taking, in a patient-focused manner. In the third yearfrom the second semester onwards, students will begin undertaking extensiveclinical placements inhospitals and GPs in Cork and wider Munster. During this timeclinical educationgreatly expands and advanced clinical skills will be developed and honed.

UCC place a strong emphasis on research and provide many opportunities forstudents to engage in projects and gain valuable research skills. The medicalcourse also offers student-selected modules and humanities workshops to givestudents a chance toexplore deeper into areas of interest to them both within the medical field andbeyond.

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