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Study Medicine at The University College Dublin(UCD)

UCD offer a six-yearmedicine course in the largest university campus in Ireland. The programme takes a modern approach to medical education involving early patient contact, a global curriculum and the medical school provides a diverse social environment.

UCD offers many medical education facilities such as dissection labs,clinical placements across over twenty different general, acute and specialist hospitals and over a hundred and forty different GPs.

UCD also offer a Graduate Entry to Medicine programme which is a 4-year course. Their curriculum is challenging yet stimulating and is internationally recognised, taught by some of the best educators in Ireland. At UCD, we’ve been training the best and the brightest for more than 150 years.

The main hospitals associated with the programme are St Vincent’s University Hospital and the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, and there are many other training hospitals and around 100 primary care practices in where their medical students are taught.

Since UCD has an extensive clinical network, their medical students will benefit from a range of international placement outside of Ireland.

Students can also choose from a multitude of placements abroad to undertake through international electives (including locations such as USA, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, etc) and the voluntary Medical Students Overseas Relief (MSOR) society to places such as Africa, Asia and South America.

Main features of the medical course include:

  • Early and continual patient contact giving students experience in a clinical setting, including shadowing GPs.
  • Opportunities to travel towards the later stages of the course

For non-academic activities and opportunities to relax, USD has extensive sporting facilities, which include a 50m olympic swimming pool and more than 50 student-led clubs. (edited)

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