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Royal College of Surgeons

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RSCI is Ireland’s largest medical school that offers a five/six-year programme that offers early exposure to the clinical environment with a chance to develop basic clinical skills from the very beginning.

In the first year of the course, students learn the principles of biomedical science underlying medicine and about the body’s structure and function in a state of health. Teaching is delivered through lectures, tutorials, practicals, clinical skills training and some patient interaction opportunities. This includes learning anatomy from surgeons and other healthcare professional through cadaveric dissection.

In the second year, the focus shifts to studying the body in pathological and diseased states. During this time students also begin to develop clinical skills through workshops, case-based learning activities and small-group tutorials.

In the third year students will also have clinical placements in medicine, surgery and orthopaedics at various hospitals as well as undertake a Student Selected Component project and a research placement.

In the final two years, students massively expand their clinical knowledge through extensive placements in different medical and surgical specialties. In this time students also hone the clinical, professional and communication skills that are gradually developed throughout the course.

RCSI also offer students opportunities to develop research skills and explore medicine in the wider world through research electives, the RCSI Research Summer School, clinical electives and sub-internships.

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