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I would best be suited with providing tutoring for personal statements and MMI interviews for medical school. I have helped 7 students I know get into medical school by reading through their personal statements and providing feedback and constructive criticism. I enjoy writing and reading personal statements as I see them as a window into someone’s mind. With my help, I believe students will be able to properly convey their passion for studying medicine and helping people all around the world. I believe that I will also provide vital information and tips/tricks for the MMI interviews. I was part of a group of people in my university when I was in 3rd year of medicine that decided to tutor a group of 5 foundation year students on the MMI, who all passed their interviews.

Spoken Language(s): English

From: Kenya Kenya

Currently Living In: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Studying In: United Kingdom //

Currently Studying: Medicine

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Human Biology

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