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Fees (International/Non-EU students): £41,900* per academic year
Interview Style: MMI
Course Structure: Integrated

Study Medicine at Aston University

Medicine at Aston is a five-year course that takes a patient-centre approach totheir medical teaching. There is some early exposure to the clinical settingwhich in the first two years is limited to the primary care setting.

The course is split into two phases. In the first phase, during the first twoyears, you learn the Fundamentals of Medicine through a systems-based approachas well as modules on pathology, pharmacology and public and global health. Youalso develop certainclinical skills (e.g. consultation and diagnostic reasoning skills) and clinicalknowledge through teaching and placements in a GP setting.

In the second phase, over the final three years, the majority of clinicallearning happens during more extensive placements in hospitals, GPs and otherhealthcare settings to expand clinical education. Student will receive teachingand education acrossthe medical and surgical disciplines throughout these three years. After thefinal year, students can take up an elective abroad or in the UK as well as afoundation assistantship in preparation for the FoundationProgramme they will enter soon after.

Students will also undertake Student-Selected Components (SSCs) to allows them achance to study in an field of interest which includes a Health Leadershipmodule (in association with the Aston Business School) which will lead toadditional certificationfor the student. Research-based SSCs are also offered to give students a tasteof clinical research at the Aston Medical Research Institute.

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Hi aspiring medics,

I am Ronald Nam, second year medical student at Aston University.Aston is a really young medical school, and in fact, I am the second cohort of thisbrand new medical school. Located in the heart of Birmingham, one of the biggestcities in the UK, and the inclusivity and support from the programme team allow students to raise the voice and shape Aston Medical School together - makes Astontruly unique.In terms of teaching, Aston has a strong emphasis in clinical medicine. Seniors andeducators who worked with us are very impressed by our clinical knowledge.If you are a student who wants to study in a big city, like to share ideas to shapethis young medical school, and wants to be an effective doctor; Aston is for you!

大家好,我是Aston University的二年級醫學生,你如果有任何有關Aston Medical School 的疑問,歡迎透過此平台發問。

-by Ronald studying medicine in the UK, at Aston Medical School


Hi, I’m Tommy and I’m a second-year medical student at Aston medical school. In comparison to others, Aston medical school is relatively new yet that is exactly what forms a unique, inclusive relationship between the programme team and students, working together to strike for excellence. From personal experience, I know the pathway of applying to medicine is not easy at all, but not to worry because ‘every day we can only do our best’

大家好, 我是Aston University的二年級醫學生, 任何疑問歡迎透過這平台發問.

-byTommy, studying medicine in the UK, at Aston Medical School


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