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Hull York Medical School

Medical School in England


Fees (International/Non-EU students): £36,750 per year
Interview Style: MMI
Course Structure: PBL

Study Medicine at Hull York Medical School

Hull York offer a five-yearintegrated course at their medical school formed between the University of Hull and the University of York. Scientific knowledge taught early on in the course is clinically-contextualised so that students learn from the beginning how to start thinking clinically. Student receive early exposure to the clinical environment in addition to lectures, problem-based teachingand clinical skills sessions. The course can be divided in the three phases.

Phase one (first two years), during which medical fundamentals are taught, also involves short placements across the year. Students return to the same clinical institution each time in order to gain experience of working with a team of clinicians or healthcare workers.

In phase two (third and fourth year),clinical education expands through a multitude of placements throughout the year in hospitals, GPs. Vital skills in patient examination and history-taking and clinical reasoning are also developed further in students.

In the third phase, during the final year, students undertake an elective, abroad or in the UK, to enhance their experience of medicine in the world. Students also become a junior member of clinical team to allow them to get an experience of their future role as foundation doctor by working similar hours and rotations between different specialties. This preparation for future practice is facilitated by surgical attachments and an assistantship after graduation.

Students can also take part in Scholarship and Special Interest Programmes (SSIPs) which allowthem to choose to explore and focus on areas of study of interest to them and a chance to enhance research skills.

Students can also take an intercalation year between the third and fourth year to obtain a degree in a field of interest to them.

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