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Medical School in England


Fees (International/Non-EU students): £35,000 pa
Interview Style: MMI
Course Structure: Integrated

Study Medicine at Keele University

Keele offers a five-year integrated medical course with a spiral curriculum combining learning through lectures with clinical contextualization, problem-based learning, practicals and early clinical exposure and skills teaching, etc. The medical programmeis divided into three phases.

In phase one, during the first two years, students are taught the principles of medical science in terms of biomedical, pathological, behavioural and social sciences. Thisphase also offers unique integrated modules such as ‘Brain and Mind’, ‘Lifecourse’,‘Inputs and Outputs’, ‘Breath of Life’, etc. Student-Selected Components (SSCs) are alsooffered during these years.Before phase two, students have the opportunity to undertake an intercalated degreeto allow further exploration into field of interest to the student.

During phase two, clinical education is expanded further through numerous clinical placements in hospitals, GPs and other healthcare settings. Clinical knowledge is broadened through further integrated units across different specialities such as MentalHealth, Elderly Care, Paediatrics, Women’s health, etc. Again, Student-Selected Components (SSCs) are offered within this phase.Before phase three, students have the option to work towards a further intercalated master’sdegree.

The final phase focuses on teaching students to further apply their medical knowledge and enhance clinical experience in preparation for the Foundation programme. This includes experience working on-call, out-of-hours and on weekends as well undertaking a series of assistantships.

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Hi, my name is Dhrisha and I'm currently a first year medical student at Keele University. My journey to becoming a medical student has been a tough one but if you work hard, persevere and commit to your goals you will achieve them! I have completed a degree in Biomedical Science and a placement year in industry before starting medicine. All of my previous experience just made me more prepared and adamant that medicine is the career for me. It's never too late to start studying! I still remember the moment I received my confirmed place. It was the most surreal and amazing feeling after the exhausting journey through applications. Keele, in particular, had multiple steps through their application process and receiving good news at the end of it all was just amazing, words can't describe the feeling. My hard work had paid off!

-by Dhrisha studying medicine in the UK, Keele University


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