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Peninsula’s five-year integrated medical course structures their course according to the human life cycle and combines small-group teaching and enquire-based learning with other traditional teaching methods.

The first year involves learning the fundamentals of medical science including development through the human life course from start to end and case-based learning using clinical scenarios. Students also gain early clinical exposure and patient contact in some community healthcare settings.In the second year, students will look into pathology and presentation of disease as well as the social context of health and illness. There will be more placements in GPs that includes learning about chronic illness and its impact on patients.

The third year focuses on the three pathways of care (acute care, ward care and integrated ambulatory care). Clinical education expands from this year with more placements in hospitals in Plymouth, South Devon and other local community healthcare settings. In the fourth year, some focus shifts to continuing care, palliative care and oncology and students continue to develop and expand their clinical skills, knowledge and professionalism. In the final year students consolidate their clinical knowledge, gain more experience by working withina clinical team in Torbay or Derriford hospital and, in general, prepare for their future role as a junior doctor.

Peninsula also offers Special Study Units throughout the course and the chance for students to obtain an intercalated degree.

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Hi, my name is Krishna and i'm a 4th year medical student at Peninsula medical school. I am really enjoying medicine and have a keen interest in reconstructive surgery.

My journey starts at GCSEs when i started to seriously consider a career in medicine after a work experience placement at my local hospital. Unfortunately, I did not have a great study technique and did poorly in my GCSEs. Reflecting on this and improving, I achieved excellent grades at A level however, I could only apply to 4 medical schools due to my GCSE grades. Due to my experiences, I am critically aware of how to improve study technique and how to do well at the medical school application process.

While Peninsula Medical school wasn’t my first choice, I have come to regret wanting to go anywhere else!

Peninsula Medical school uses an evidenced based curriculum incorporating PBL and the spiral curriculum heavily to create a program that will prepare you very well for being a foundation doctor. In the first 2 years, you will learn anatomy, pathophysiology and basic clinical skills. At Peninsula, you will have clinical exposure from 1st year, through general practise and community health placements.

Clinical years start from year 3, where you will rotate through nearly every specialty from years 3-5 at one of the southwest largest hospitals - Derriford. This hospital is a regional trauma centre housing many specialties including cardiothoracis, neurosurgery, transplant surgery and plastics. The clinical year programme will help you get a good overview of what each specialty does and will help you in deciding which specialty you will ultimately go into. Peninsula Medical school is brilliant at providing practical skills training and giving you ward experience so you feel ready to be a foundation doctor. As well as a great medical school, the student societies such as MedSoc run tonnes of events catered for everyone! Including a Winter and Summer formal Ball, you’ll never be figuring out how to let out steam after a long week of studying!

Plymouth is an amazing place to go to medical school. Theres been so many times that Ive finished studying for the day and thought “I want to go to the beach”. Which is great because the beaches are only 10 minutes away, and so is the Hoe and the Barbican! Or if I want to have a run in the moors, with stunning views for miles, Dartmoor national park is only 20 minutes down the road! If you enjoy waterspouts or the outdoors, theres no better place than Plymouth to be at medical school.

-by Krishna, studying medicine in the UK, at Peninsula medical school

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