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St. George's Medical School

Medical School in England


Fees (International/Non-EU students): £36,000 pa
Interview Style: MMI
Course Structure: Integrated

Study Medicine at St. George's Medical School

Medicine at St George’s is a five-year integrated course. This programme focuses on the themes of Basic and Clinical Sciences, Patient and Doctor, Community and Population Health as well as Personal and Professional Development.

The first two years involve learning the scientific foundations of medicine and also gaining an understanding of the clinical context of this scientific knowledge. This learning is characterised into the following categories: Life Cycle, Life Protection, Life Support, Life Maintenance, Life Structure and Life Control. This education is delivered in the format of lectures, tutorials, group activities and practicals in addition to community-based clinical placements.

In the third year, learning is focused more on problem-based learning activities and Student-Selected Components (SSCs) as well as more lectures and clinical placements hospitals and other healthcare settings across South London and South-East England to enhance clinical understanding. In your third or fourth year you can also choose to doan intercalation degree and obtain a BSc.

In the final two years of the course, the focus is very much on gaining as much clinical experience as possible through numerous clinical attachments in various medical and surgical disciplines including Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Neurology and Psychiatry, etc.

Fifth year students also do an elective in a setting and area of medicine of their choosing and organisation which can be done abroad or in the UK. And in preparation for becoming a Foundation Doctor, final year students also take a number of student assistantships which provides an opportunity to shadow a junior doctor and prepare for their roles and responsibilities.

Get mentored by medical students at St. George's Medical School

Hi I'm Ashwin and I am a fifth year medical student at St George's University of London. I knew from the outset that I wanted to go to a clinically orientated medical school andSt George's after going on tour of the building and also doing research into how thecourse was taught, I knew that it was an experience that I would enjoy. From meeting patients within my first week of medical school to have a chat with them to now being able to do some extremely important procedures with needles I have enjoyed every minute of my journey so far and I am so happy that I chose to do medicine and specifically at St George's.

-by Ashwin, currently studying medicine in the UK, at St. George's University of London.


Hi, I’m Sujay. I am currently a 2nd year medical student studying at St George’sUniversity of London. I applied for Medicine during the 2018/2019 cycle and receivedthree offers (SGUL, Liverpool and Plymouth). I chose SGUL due to the clinical hospitalsetting, as well as the course structure seems well suited to the way I learn and to topit off George’s is located in one of the coolest neighbourhoods, Tooting! George’s alsohas so much to offer extracurricularly from sports and cultural societies to danceclasses and so much more if you come here you’ll never be bored.

When I was applying, I thoroughly enjoyed writing my personal statement and preparingfor the MMI. For this reason, I love to mentor you in these subjects as I amenthusiastic and passionate about this part of the application process. In the pastyear, I’ve helped three aspiring medicine applicants with their interviews, whichresulted in them being successfully offered places. If you choose me as your tutor, thesessions will not only be interactive, but also fun and tailored towards your needs.

When it comes to my teaching method, I have resources for my students which will come inhandy. Our first session will be an introduction session which will enable me to seewhat level you are at as well as your learning style. After that I will tailor mysessions according to the student with feedback e.g. Ethics session with EthicalInterview Questions. My sessions tend to be very discussion type for I believe bytalking out scenarios and ethical debates it betters the students understanding enablingthem to answer questions better. If you become one of my students I am committed to seeyou get your medical seat.

-by Sujay, studying medicine in the UK, at St. George’s MedicalSchoolin London

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