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University of Buckingham

Medical School in England


Fees (International/Non-EU students): £37,500 pa
Interview Style: MMI
Course Structure: Integrated

Study Medicine at The University of Buckingham

Buckingham offers a four-and-a-half year medical course to student to develop theirknowledge and skills to become ethical and compassionate medical professionals.

The Medical school has two sites offering the same course, in Buckingham on the mainsite of the university and also in Crewe. The new site at Crewe is approximately 30minutes by train from Manchester and is a 40 acre Health Science campus.

The university also offers 'Pathways to Medicine' courses which is a 1-yearPre-Med (CertHE) in medical Sciences and a unique 2-year accelerated BSc(Hons) inBiomedical Science, which are designed for directlyentry to their medical school as well as other medical schools across the UK.

The course is divided into two phases. Phase 1 involves learning through a systems-basedapproach that also integrates important clinical contexts within the multidisciplinaryaspects of each module. Student also develop fundamental clinical skills includingpatient examination, history-taking, communication, etc. Phase 2 focuses on expandingclinical knowledge and skills through attachments in different healthcare environmentsand in a multitude of different medicaland surgical specialties.

Important themes in medicine that are explored throughout the course include,pathological processes, pharmacology and therapeutics, public health, professionalism,team-working and IPE, etc. Student-Selected Components are also offered throughout thelater part of the course.

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Since my early school days, I developed a profound interest and passion in sciences, especially in healthcare settings. This led me to study my A levels in biology, chemistry and English Language. My interest and passion for caring for others and applying real life sciences was ignited and strengthened whilst I was on work experience in rural Kenya.

It was during this rich and unique experience that confirmed and highlighted that medicine was the career path for me. Subsequently, I took the steps to look into medical school applications and felt that completing a biomedical science degree was more fitting. I felt that it would better prepare me for the medical journey ahead and it most definitely did that.

I studied a two-year accelerated biomedical science degree course awarded by the University of Buckingham, which strengthened and improved my time-managementand problem-solving skills; both of which are paramount and necessary as a student doctor and as a future doctor. Once I completed this 2-year degree course I secured a place to study medicine onto the 4.5-year condensed medical degree course at Buckingham medical school (BMS).

My first year at Buckingham was an insightful and refreshing start to the medical school journey. I completed an induction that lasted for one week, which I personally felt was a nice way to ease one’s self into medical school. Thereafter, we had various lectures on professionalism, ice breakers and what to expect from studying medicine at Buckingham Medical school.

Once induction week was over, our term time officially began. On my first day,we had a session where a patient came to speak about their experience on havinga heart attack. I thought that that was a useful and profound experience.Patient contact is vital, and you get patient contact very early on at BMS.Aside from patients coming in to talk about their experience, medical studentsalso go on placements once a week later in first year. This is another benefitfrom studying medicine at BMS, skills and knowledge can be consolidated inclinical practice from first year onwards.

-by Victoria, studying medicine in the UK, at theUniversity of Buckingham


Salut tous le monde! Je m’appelle Hania et j’étudie la médecine à l’université de Buckingham. Si vous avez des questions qui concerne le cours, la vie en Buckingham ou quoi que ce soit, n’hésitez pas à mon contacter!

-by Hania, medical student at the University of Buckingham


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