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University of Cambridge

Medical School in England


Fees (International/Non-EU students): £58,308 pa
Interview Style: Traditional
Course Structure: Traditional

Study Medicine at The University of Cambridge

Cambridge University with its rich history is one of the most unique places to Study Medicine in England. The application process and entry requirements are tough but ifsuccessful you will thoroughly enjoy your six years (or four years if you are apostgraduatestudent) at this university. The medical course at Cambridge has a traditional format ofthree preclinical years and three clinical years including a compulsory intercalation inyour third year for undergraduate students.

Preclinical Years (Undergraduate)

Year 1: In your first year you will study anatomy,physiology of systems, biochemistry and some medical ethics and statistics.

Year 2: In your second year you will studypathology, pharmacology, neuroscience, some further anatomy and the human reproductivesystem.

Year 3: In your third year you will intercalate ina specific subject of interest to you. There are a wide variety of subjects that you canchoose to study from, whether it be a science-relatedsubject (e.g. pathology, neuroscience, bioengineering, etc.) or something completelyunrelated to medicine (e.g. philosophy, management studies, anthropology, etc.). At theend of this third year you will obtain a BA degree.

Clinical Years

In your 4th-6th years you will spend time on clinical placements in hospitals, GPs andother healthcare institutions in Cambridge and across the east of England. The focus In year 4 is core clinical practice, in Year 5 is specialist clinical practice(including the chance to spend seven weeks abroad as part of your medical elective) andin Year 6 the focus is on applied clinical practice. Throughout these years you alsoenhance important skills for becoming a clinicianincluding: communication, professionalism, diagnostic reasoning, patient investigationand management, etc. At the end of these six years you will obtains a MB, BCh degree.

It is important before applying to Cambridge University to study medicinethat you consider whether the style of education here will suit you:

  • Preclinical studies involve lectures, practicals and supervisions.Supervisions are a special part of education at Cambridge in which youwill be taught in small groups by a supervisor for different subjectsto aid, enhance and build-on from what you learn in lectures andpracticals.
  • In your first year, when you study anatomy you also get a chance todissect and examine cadavers as part of your learning. This gives you aunique insight into what the anatomy of the human body is really likeand how varied it can be. This type of understanding of human anatomy issomething that you otherwise wouldn’t get from learning from models,simulations and anatomy atlases alone.
  • Medicine at Cambridge is also unique because of the many opportunitiesoffered to get involved in research and, given Cambridge’s rich researchhistory, many components of the learning content aim to improveunderstanding of scientific research both in the past and present day.

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Beyond the academic aspects of studying Medicine here, Cambridge alsohas a very vibrant, diverse and student-oriented environment. There aremany societies of all kinds that you can get involved in and manyopportunities to meet a wide variety of people.

Cambridge is also special for its college formals throughout the yearand extravagant May Balls after the exam period. All in all, studyingMedicine at Cambridge is a unique experience offering many opportunitiesthat will allow you to steer your medical career in the direction thatcaptures your interest the most.

-by Tharushi, studying medicine at the University ofCambridge, UK


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