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University of Nottingham school of Medicine

Medical School in England


Fees (International/Non-EU students): £24,990
Interview Style: MMI
Course Structure: Integrated

Study Medicine at The University of Nottingham school of medicine

Nottingham offers a five-year medical course which incorporates lectures, tutorials,small-group teaching, labs and a case-based learning approach. Nottingham is also one of ahandful of medical schools that offer full-body cadaveric dissection as part of anatomylearning. Clinical skills are also prepared early on in the course through clinical skillsand relevance sessions.

The course is divided into two phases. In the initial phase (first three years), studentswill be taught the scientific knowledge underlying Medicine through a systems-based approachof understanding the human body. Student also receive some clinical exposure through GP andhospital visits and develop basic clinical skills. Students additionally undertake aresearch project alongside a Research Methods module in their third year which leads to aBMedSci degree – this is not a separate intercalated degree but rather it is an integratedfeature of the course.

In the Clinical phase (final two years) students will learn to apply these skills andknowledge through clinical placements in various healthcare settings across Nottingham,Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield. In the final years of the course, students also have thechance to study abroad through exchange programmes with a number of countries around theworld (e.g. Germany, Croatia, Norway, Spain, Malaysia, etc.) and through an electiveplacement in the fifth year. Final year students also prepare for their future job as aFoundation doctor by undertaking a medical assistantship nearing the end of the course.

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"Hi I'm Heather, and I'm a first-year GEM (that's graduate-entry medicine FYI)student at the University of Nottingham. My journey to medicine has not been easy; Ididn't get any offers to study medicine in high school, followed by achieving poormarks in my IB. However, after completing a BSc in Pharmacology, an MSc inCardiovascular Science, and a lot more hard work in between, I finally got acceptedonto a graduate medical program. I know what it's like to feel like you're nevergoing to make it but trust me, every event in your life is just preparing you forsomething better, and you will achieve your dreams, and more, in the end."

-by Heather, graduate medical student at the University ofNottingham


‘I’m a medical student at the University of Nottingham, and I knew Nottingham wasfor me on the day of my interview. Talking to senior students, fellow intervieweesand the overwhelmingly friendly atmosphere on the day just made me realise thatNottingham may be one of the few medical schools, where you have a fine balancebetween strong competition amongst peers and a sense of obligation to aid thosearound you in their studies too. Medicine can be a very demanding, cut-throat path,so having an atmosphere like this, especially as an impressionable young medicalstudent, I thought would be very beneficial for myself. Now, after being here forseveral months, I know that my initial judgement was right!

My experiences of the way in which the pre-clinical course is delivered has beengreat; weekly case studies, supplemented by lectures on anatomy, physiology andpharmacology to make sense of the condition being presented in the case. Then, atthe end of the week a plenary session is delivered by a consultant specialised inthat particular condition, in order to answer any additional questions.

Also, anatomy is taught through a combination of prosections and full bodydissections, and these sessions went ahead as normal, in a safe manner, despite theon-going pandemic, which I believe is testament to the University of NottinghamMedical School and its staff.’

-by Nayan, a 1st year Medical Student at the University ofNottingham


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