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University of St Andrews

Medical School in Scotland


Fees (International/Non-EU students): £31,950 pa
Interview Style: MMI
Course Structure: Integrated

Study Medicine at The University of St Andrews

St Andrews offers a six-year integrated medicine course. You first three years are spent at St Andrews after which you graduate with a BSc Honours degree and your remaining three years will then be spent at one of the university’s partner medical schools in England or Scotland. Education will be delivered in the form of lectures, practicals,tutorials, placements, research projects and ward simulation exercises.

Teaching at St Andrews focuses on learning the scientific foundations of Medicine while simultaneously providing clinical context. In addition there is emphasis on giving students an understanding of professionalism, ethics and the importance of communication,self-reflection and decision-making.

The first year of the course focuses on learning about the systems of the body at all levels and from all aspects including anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology,public health and psychology. Clinical placements also take place as part of the integrated clinical teaching.

The second and third years involves exploration of the body systems though dissections and clinical imaging as well as further learning into dysfunction of systems in pathological and disease states. There will also be learning of basic clinical skills and further clinical placements in primary care environments.

Queen’s offer students plenty of research opportunities during their degree throughsummer studentships. You can take a nine week assistantship in your final year where you will have the opportunity to learn and practice some of the roles of a junior doctor.Student also have the chance to travel abroad during an elective module in their fifth year.

Year three also includes a research project and further development of clinical skills(including patient examination, investigation and clinical reasoning) that will be needed for entering the final three years of the course.

The final three years at one of St Andrews’ partner medical schools will be spent enhancing, consolidation and applying everything learnt from the first three years of the course. The necessary skills needed to become a clinician will also be further developed and shaped in preparation to become a junior doctor as part of the FoundationProgramme.

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