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University of Sunderland

Medical School in England


Fees (International/Non-EU students): UK only
Interview Style: Traditional
Course Structure: Traditional

Study Medicine at The University of Sunderland

Sunderland’s medical course is a five-year programme divided into three phases. Theteaching consists of lectures, practicals, one-to-one tutor sessions clinical placements, problem-based learning and self-directed study organised into a spiralcurriculum.This means that each year revisits and builds upon the knowledge learnt in the previousyears to gradually consolidate and enhance the depth of understanding.

Phase 1 during the first two years focuses onlearning biomedical, social and behaviour sciences. Student are also taught some basicclinical skills, communication, professionalism,etc. Education during this part of the course takes place mainly on City Campus. Phase 2takes place from the third to fourth years and involves building on the knowledge fromthe previous phase and clinical skills arealso expanded through more placements in different healthcare settings (e.g. hospitalsand GPs). Phase 3 takes place during the final year of the course and focusesprincipally on preparing students for becoming a juniordoctor. Student assistantships also take place to allow students to shadow a Foundationdoctor and become familiar with the roles and responsibilities involved.

Students may choose to do an intercalation degree after their second or fourth yearwhich may be done at Sunderland or at a different university. Intercalating after thesecond year will lead to a BSc degree or if done after the fourth year will leadto a MSc degree.

Sunderland’s medical programme also teaches students the ability to think about andapply their medical knowledge into social, global and environmental contexts andconsider how this can influence clinical practice.

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